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Our Mission


Milestones Developmental Services is a local, private, provider of early intervention services.  Our mission is for families to receive quality services that are family-centered and individually crafted to meet their child's changing needs.  

We value the family's input in their child's treatment plan and any services received.  

        Who Are We? 

Milestones Developmental Services has been serving families, in the Pee Dee Region, since 2016.  We are an organization that believes:

  • Families should have the information needed to make decisions about their child's care.   


  • Children diagnosed or who are at risk of developmental delays should have access to programs and resources to help them reach developmental milestones at their individual pace.  


We are currently serving families in the following counties in the Pee Dee Region: Darlington, Florence, Lee, Sumter, Chesterfield, Marion, and Dillon.

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